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About Scott

He was an inspiration to all who knew him.

 Scott was raised on his family's dairy farm just outside of Wausau, Wisconsin.  As he was growing up on the farm, Scott learned how to do absolutely everything and anything.  Erica was always amazed by Scott's ability to build, repair, or grow things.

Scott left the farm as a young man to pursue his dream of becoming a US Marine Embassy Guard.  After leaving the Marines, Scott continued to serve his country as a member of the Air National Guard for over 33 years until his death in 2021.  In addition to Scott's military service, he served his family and community whenever possible.  Scott loved serving others!  Whether it was volunteering for hardship duties overseas, repairing the neighborhood playground, or helping his garden neighbors at the park, he was always happiest when serving others.  As Scott approached retirement, friends would ask what he wanted to do when he retired.  His reply was always the same.  "I just want to make people happy."  

Our Story

Scott and Erica loved spending time in the community garden together.  When the COVID 19 Pandemic caused lockdowns and financial hardship and food insecurity for many families, Scott and Erica converted their community plot to all vegetable production with the intent to donate to Food for Others.  It wasn't long before they needed additional growing space for this purpose and were blessed by garden neighbors who graciously shared their space in support of this project. As the garden project grew, Scott and Erica connected with wonderful volunteers from the Young Men's Service League of Vienna dn Oakton (YMSL) who made it possible to grow and donate hundreds of pounds of fresh organic produce for Food for Others.

When Scott received a terminal diagnosis in February 2021, his thoughts and prayer requests were not for himself but for others.  He asked Erica to keep the garden project going to help alleviate food insecurity in their community. As a result, another 500 pounds of produce was grown for donation for each of the following two years.  In 2023, Scott's Garden for Others aims to grow 1000 pounds of organic produce to donate to local food banks. 

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